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Driving is an art and you should learn it from a certified driving school over better skills and confidence.

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Since 1999, throughout the area, the Dawood Driving School has earned a reputation for responsible and caring driving instruction. Throughout Pakistan Lahore Karachi and Hyderabad, wherever you live, with our professional and friendly local driving instructors, you’ll enjoy a relaxed, positive, and encouraging environment as you start your driving lessons and learn to drive.

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To book a driving course with Dawood Driving School in Lahore or Karachi, you can follow these steps:

Price Tables

All rates are exclusive of pick & drop charges.
Pick & Drop will be charged according to distance.

Rs, 12500

Basic plan

  • Suzuki Mehran
  • 10 Days Driving & Learning
  • Daily 30 Minutes
  • Theory Class
  • Practical sessions
  • Manual Transmission
  • Driving Course Certificate
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Rs Coming Soon

Automatic Transmission

  • Full course theory
  • Full driving course
  • Spending on gasoline
  • Training in first aid
  • Practical sessions
  • SMS reminders
  • Psychological support
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Rs Coming Soon -15%

Pro plan

  • Full course theory
  • Full driving course
  • Spending on gasoline
  • Training in first aid
  • Practical sessions
  • SMS reminders
  • Psychological support
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Andry LincolnHafsa Whaid
Andry LincolnMuhammad Abubakar Saleem
Andry LincolnFareha Khurram
Andry LincolnShahnaz Arif
Andry LincolnMaria Usman
Andry LincolnEzzah Ahmad
Andry LincolnSaeed Bhatti
Andry LincolnDennis Eric
Andry LincolnEsha Shafique

Staff behavior is very nice and my message for girls is self-confidence and great driving . All the environment was very good . I really appreciate this driving center. I will prefer this school to my family members and my friends criteria . Thanks ddc for making me good driver...

Hafsa Whaid

I've a very Good experience with Dawood Driving School.. Staff is very cooperative. Now i can drive with full confidence. Thanks to this School. Surely i can recommend this to others.

Muhammad Abubakar Saleem

My experience with Dawood driving went great, my instructor Ms. Saima has been extremely gentle, polite and patient with me which is commendable, I'm not a fully pro which I anticipated but at the end of the day it's your practice which makes you perfect at the job, and that I will carry on keeping in mind their tips and instructions but Ive gained some confidence which I never had. I was the one with the mjndset that I can never drive but now that's not the case . I highly recommend joing them

Fareha Khurram

Ma'am Saima here is an excellent teacher. She guided me about all the technical points and challenges like parking and reversing from different angles. 💯 I recommend this driving school.

Shahnaz Arif

My experience is very good with this institute. I stongly recomended it.they offer both male and female instructores. my instructer saima is very polite and friendly and well trained.i started from zero and now i can drive on my own with confidence.i m v happy. Allah bless u all

Maria Usman

I took my classes from here and I really enjoyed and learned a lot from them. I started from scratch and Ma’am Saima helped me and taught me everything. Ma’am Saima was a great teacher and she took her time to explain everything. Whenever, I made a mistake she nicely explained and helped me fix this mistake.

Ezzah Ahmad

Alhamdullilah my experience with Dawood driving centre was too good.they have highly qualified driving instructor who gave me completely 💯 confidence for making me good driver...I highly recommend it to all my friends and family members and also all citizens...thanks Dawood driving centre

Saeed Bhatti

It was very excellent experience with Staff and Instructor Mr. Nadeem. I learn driving in 10 days and now I am totally satisfy with Dawood Driving School.

Dennis Eric

I always thought that driving was a challenge but ma'am Saima made it easy for me and she taught me all of the things that I thought were very difficult like parking, reversing, and maintaining the lines. Now I am fully capable of driving on my own. The patience and kindness of ma'am Saima made driving much more of a thing that I like.

Esha Shafique

Check Course Offerings: Look through the different driving courses offered by Dawood Driving School. They may have options for beginners, advanced drivers, and specialized training programs.

Contact Dawood Driving School: Use the contact information provided on their website to get in touch with them. You can call their phone number or send an email to inquire about course availability, schedules, and pricing.

Inquire About Locations: Dawood Driving School may have multiple branches or locations in Lahore and Karachi. Ask about the nearest location to you and its availability for booking driving lessons.

Discuss Requirements: Find out what requirements you need to fulfill before booking a driving course with Dawood Driving School. This might include age restrictions, documentation needed, or any prerequisites for specific courses.

Schedule Your Lessons: Once you’ve discussed the details with Dawood Driving School, schedule your driving lessons at a time that suits you. They may offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your availability.

Prepare Necessary Documentation: Before your first lesson, make sure you have any required documentation, such as a learner’s permit or identification, as requested by Dawood Driving School.

Attend Lessons: Attend your scheduled driving lessons at Dawood Driving School. Pay attention to your instructor’s guidance and practice regularly to improve your driving skills.

Track Progress: Keep track of your progress throughout your driving course. Take note of areas where you need improvement and discuss them with your instructor.

Complete Training and Evaluation: Once you’ve completed your driving lessons, you may need to undergo a final evaluation or test to assess your driving skills. Your instructor will guide you through this process.

Receive Certification or License: After successfully completing your training and evaluation, you should receive a certification from Dawood Driving School. Depending on local regulations, you may also be eligible to apply for a driver’s license.

Make sure to follow any specific instructions provided by Dawood Driving School regarding booking, attendance, and completion of your driving course.

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